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Merch that moves your audience to take positive actions in the name of your cause.
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Merch is...

(in our own words): products featuring the logo or other branding of a person, place or thing. Merch works great alone and also pairs well with other types of marketing.

Merch should...

Stop Traffic

Introducing...Your BRAND! We give your merch the power to get your audience's attention. Once you have it, they will happily follow your signals.


Promotional merchandise gives your cause a voice of reckon. Messages are delivered with conviction and have long-term staying power.


Excite your audience, raise awareness about your cause. Making meaningful connections give brands the power to influence actions for an eternity. Turn your brand into the next big trend.

We Are Potent Promo

A branding agency who’s wheelhouse is packed with solutions for developing merch that will promote distinctly on behalf of your cause.  

Atlanta’s premier promotional merchandise agency. Where your purpose is fueled by our creativity. In order to create merch that start movements, we step outside the box. Our clients are able to influence their audience with distinct messages that lead to specific actions being taken. We use our entire wheelhouse of solutions to reach your audience at the right time with the right message. Welcome to Potent Promo. Your merch specialists in charge of making your brand the next biggest trend.