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Brand Activation is...

Brand Activation is marketing that builds your brand’s image and drives a specific actions through any or all of the six identifiable disciplines. Brand activation campaigns help bring a brand to life by connecting and interacting with the target audience on a personal level.

How do we activate your brand?

Steps To Brand Activation


Who your audience is your audience and what is it that triggers their actions?


What is the best way to deliver your brand's message to your audience? When is the best time to do so?


Excite your audience, raise awareness about your brand. Making meaningful connections give brands the power to trigger actions.

We Are Potent Promo

A creative agency who’s wheelhouse is packed with solutions for developing merch that will  speak distinctly for your cause.  

Potent Promo is a creative agency that embraces the challenge. In order to create merch that start movements, we step outside the box. Our clients are able to reach their audience with distinct impressions that lead to specific actions being taken. We use our entire wheelhouse of solutions to reach your audience at the right time with the right message. Welcome to Potent Promo. The creative agency capable of making your cause the next biggest trend.