About Potent Promo

Our mission is to help our partners build brands that have positive economical and social impacts on the communities in which they serve.

Ever wonder exactly how to use promotional products?
Potent Promo will help you find the best way suitable for YOU. Our team will help you determine who to target, how to target them and where to target them at.
The 3 word that describe us best…
We know how important deadlines are. Not only  do we pride ourselves on selecting  the right product for your goals but also getting them to their destination on time.  
We utilize industry research and training to stay up to date with industry trends. Knowing what is working and what isn’t allows us to maximize your marketing budget.
Have you heard of the “WOW” factor? Studies prove the greater the impact of a promotional item the more likely the recipient is to hang on to it for longer. Our ability to think outside the box will make your marketing campaigns stand out and make your brand easy to remember. 
In addition, we keep the lines of communication open every step of the way so you stay in the loop.

An expert promotional product consultant that will help keep your audience inspired to take actions in your favor and encourage their loyalty.

Potent Promo is setting a new standard for promotional product consultants. We get personal…as it pertains to your brand that is. The more we’re in tune with the overall goals of your brand, the better we can perform on your behalf. It’s our goal to help your brand make connections that last a lifetime.